Seat Pets – Perfect for Travel!!!

seat pets asseenontv

Seat Pets

We told you about Seat Pets, As Seen on TV, a few months ago, there was a long wait for them but they finally arrived a few weeks ago and are selling like hot cakes.  That’s because Seat Pets are the perfect travel companion for your child!  Summer is travel season so it’s the perfect time to get one.

We just went on a 2 week trip with our kids, ages 3 and 6, and I have to say Seat Pets definitely made the long drives much more manageable.  Here’s my take on how they worked…

  • For our 6 year old who is in a basic booster seat with a seat belt- Seat Pets worked perfectly for her.  The placement of the Seat Pet is right on target for her to curl up against it and sleep comfortably.  It was great to look back and see her sleeping so peacefully.
  • For our 3 year old who is in an upright car seat with harness buckles- his Seat Pet was a little more challenging to set up but it still was a better than a regular pillow.  Since he’s still in a car seat that does not use the seat belt there wasn’t anything to attach his Seat Pet to.  We decided to partially use his seat belt to attach his Seat Pet to but didn’t bring the seat belt all the way across him (the seat belt is still too high on his neck).  So, his Seat Pet did not come across his body and cradle him in the same way it did for our 6 year old, but it still stayed in place and provided more head support for him when he went to sleep.  Definitely an improvement!
  • Each of our kids slept with their Seat Pet while staying with our friends and family.  They truly love them!

Overall, we are very happy with our kids’ Seat Pets and have been getting great feed back from our customers.  Leave us a comment on our blog and let us know how you like them!

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