Chillow Cooling Pad to Keep You Cool!

chillow cooling pad


Chillow is a cooling pad that once activated will provide cooling relief all night long while keeping you dry.

Those with hot flashes or who are prone to night sweats know the discomfort, not to mention the sleep disturbances, that go along with it.  Chillow Cooling Pad is for you.

Chillow is made from a water memory foam that is activated when you pour water in the cooling pad.  The memory foam is soft and comforting and the water keeps the pad below your body temperature while keeping you dry.  No electricity or batteries are required, making Chillow safe and easy to travel with!

Chillow is also great for neck pain, back pain, aching feet, arthritis, or any aches and pains.

Chillow is arriving to us at very soon.  Click Chillow to view.

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