Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags – Top Pick!

Debbie Meyer's Green Bags

Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags

An oldie but a goodie, Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags is one of our Top Picks for the best of As Seen on TV products.  We’ve been selling these for 4 years now, since they first came out, and they are still one of our best sellers.

Green Bags help to keep produce fresh for up to 30 days.  And they help to retain those vital nutrients and vitamins by up to 50%.  So you save money and keep your family healthy!

Ever heard of ethylene gas?  This is a gas that fruits and vegetables release during the ripening process, which continues until you eat them or have to throw them out.  It’s what causes bananas to suddenly turn brown when placed in a paper bag.  Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags do just the opposite, they are made with a natural mineral that creates a beneficial storage environment to extend the life and freshness of your produce.

Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags save you money and keep you and your family healthier.  No wonder they are our Top Pick!  Find them here Debbie Meyer’s Green Bags


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