Perfect Pancake Pan

perfect pancake pan

Perfect Pancake Pan

You’ve been waiting, we’ve been waiting, but finally the Perfect Pancake Pan as seen on TV has arrived at As Seen on TV Web Store!  Perfect timing for Mother’s Day, what a great gift this would be!

What makes the Perfect Pancake Pan so exciting?

  • Non-stick surface so you don’t have to use any oil or butter- saves on calories and fat!  Remember, swim suit season is just around the corner 😉
  • You can make 4 pancakes at a time…love this for my hungry (and impatient) crew!
  • Pour your favorite batter in, close the lid when ready to flip…no more mess when trying to flip with a spatula (pancake batter down the side of the pan always drives me crazy!)
  • The non-stick surface makes your pancakes just slide right out
  • Not a pancake fan?  (that’s hard to believe but there might be some out there) You can also make eggs, burgers, sandwiches, and more.  I want to try making shortcakes for my fabulous strawberry shortcake recipe!

Super excited to get these in and try them out.  I’ll try out some of my family’s favorite recipes and let you know how it goes!

Click the link Perfect Pancake Pan


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