Ruggies – Rug Grippers

ruggies rug grippers

Ruggies Rug Grippers

Ruggies are rug grippers that will keep your rug where you want it, without the use of adhesive or glue!  I am so excited about these.  We have hard wood floors and tile in our house and the rugs just will not stay put!  Especially with little ones running around.  Ruggies are a great solution and they are so easy to use.  You just peel and stick 1 Ruggie in each corner of the rug (use 4 Ruggies for each rug), press firmly into the floor and you’re done!

The technology behind this is called Tacky Grip Polymer Technology.  The Tacky Grip Polymer is what grips the Ruggie to your rug, then hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor.  This grips the floor so securely that you can even vacuum over it and the Ruggies stay put.  But since there is no glue or adhesive, Ruggies don’t leave any residue!

To learn more about Ruggies click the link Ruggies


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