Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses are by far my favorite item we’ve ever carried at As Seen on TV Web Store.  I have been wearing mine for nearly 7 years, even before we opened our first store!

What makes these sunglasses so special?  Basically, it’s all in the lens.  The lens for all Eagle Eyes sunglasses were developed by NASA to provide to ultimate in UV protection.  They also are blue blockers, which means the lens blocks harmful, damaging blue and violet rays but allow beneficial, vision enhancing light rays in.  So instead of darkening everything the way traditional sunglasses do, Eagle Eyes actually keeps things nice and bright so you can still see!

I really notice a difference when I’m driving.  My eyes don’t feel tired at all, not like when I wear regular sunglasses.  It’s amazing how different they are!

Eagle Eyes sunglasses are now worn by law enforcement, pilots, fisherman, golfers…anyone who is outside a lot.  They really know how beneficial these sunglasses are.

Follow the link to see all the styles of Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

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