Seat Pets -Coming Soon!

seat pets asseenontv

Seat Pets

We told you about Seat Pets a while back, we can’t wait for these to come in and we know you can’t either!  Seat Pets have been one of the most requested kids plush items the As Seen on TV world has ever seen!  And why not?  They are super cute and practical, too.  Kids love Seat Pets and so do parents!

What is a Seat Pet?  These are the ingenious plush toy, created by dads, that provide storage for your kids special things and solve the “dangling head” problem in the car.  You know…you’re on a rode trip (even short ones) and your kid falls asleep.  You just cringe when you look back to see their head dangling, can’t be good for their neck!  Well, Seat Pets have over-sized, plush heads so they can act as a pillow in the car!  Seat Pets attach to your child’s seat belt so they stay in place and give them companionship, comfort and support.  With the built in pockets, Seat Pets allow your kids to keep snacks, drinks, and other goodies with them.

Seat Pets are the ultimate travel companion for in the car and on an airplane but they are also great for bedtime, sleep overs, play time, or just about anytime!

Seat Pets are set to be arriving in our warehouse sometime in May, just around the corner!

Click the link Seat Pets to view all the available styles.

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