NuWave Twister Blender

NuWave Twister

NuWave Twister Blender and Chopper

We are so excited to have the NuWave Twister now in stock at!  NuWave is well known for making your kitchen run more efficiently by using their NuWave Ovens, now they’re back to help with all your prep work and more!

NuWave Twister, as seen on TV, is a blender and a chopper that allows you to make virtually anything, all in one amazing machine!  You don’t have to chop your fruit and veggies anymore, let NuWave do it for you.  Place your food in NuWave Twister and the powerful twister motor will chop, grind, grate, and blend.  You can make soups, smoothies, baby food, desserts, sauces, and more, and all you need is this one machine to do it.

NuWave Twister is nice and compact so it won’t clutter your counter.

Very similar to the Magic Bullet but at a significantly lower cost, we love the NuWave Twister!

Click the link to see more about NuWave Twister Blender and Chopper

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