Hot Buns Hair Accessory

Hot Buns As Seen on TV

Hot Buns

Hot Buns are the latest hair accessory from As Seen on TV and they are every girls must have!  How many times have you wanted an elegant hair style for a wedding, prom, or just an evening out but didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money?  A beautiful bun looks so nice but hair pins hurt, and sometimes a bun is not as easy as it looks to put together.  That’s why we at As Seen on TV Web Store love Hot Buns!  With Hot Buns, you can create a perfect, fabulous bun in a snap.

Hot Buns is soft, so it’s comfortable, but durable to keep you looking all day or night long.  It’s so simple to use, too.  All you do is put your hair up in a pony tail at the height you want your bun.  Pull all your hair up and place the Hot Buns roller at the end of your hair.  Now roll the Hot Buns down, wrapping all of your hair around it, and snap the Hot Buns ends together and complete the wrap.  See?  In just about a minute you have an amazing bun without having to use hair pins!

Since Hot Buns is so soft and comfortable, you can even roll your hair at night and sleep on it to get luscious, soft curls!

Find Hot Buns here.

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