Seat Pets for Kids

seat pets asseenontv

Seat Pets

“Buckle Up, Snuggle Up” that’s the motto for the latest plush item from As Seen on TV, Seat Pets.  Your child is probably already begging for their favorite Seat pets character…I know mine are.

Every year we are bombarded by TV commercials of the latest craze for kids…Pillow Pets, Dream Lites, Cuddleuppets, you’ve surely seen them all.  What I like about Seat Pets is it solves a problem.  The problem of my child’s head dangling while they sleep in the car.  Ugh, it makes me cringed when I see that.  I know it can’t be good for their neck, or feel good.  Seat Pets acts a pillow for your child while in the car.

Seat Pets actually attaches to their seat belt (making it easier to even get it on them without a fuss :)), now the large, comfy, plush head is a pillow!  The design is really genius.  Designed by dads (go dads!) after watching their own kids sleep in the car.  Seat Pets is the perfect solution!

While the kids are awake, Seat Pets provide a lot of fun.  Built-in pockets allow them to keep all their goodies within reach so they can snack, have a drink, play a game, and more.  Awesome for parents!  Finally you will get to drive in peace since your kids can occupy themselves!  Those dads are so smart 🙂

Seat Pets are available in 4 fun characters-

Bentley the Dog

Lincoln the Lion

Love Bug the Ladybug

Malibu the Monkey

Seat Pets are not available yet in retail, we will certainly let you know when they are!  Estimate release date is Late March-Early April.  Follow our blog to get the latest updates! (click the “follow our blog” button the the right)

View all Seat Pets here.

12 comments on “Seat Pets for Kids

  1. I ordered the seat pets for my children and they where disappointed that there was no carrying strap like in the video. I am disappointed about it myself if your are going to show it in your video then there should be one.

    • Hello, we are sorry for your disappointment in not receiving the strap for your children’s’ Seat Pets. Unfortunately, the video you are speaking of was not created by us. We are simply one of many sellers of Seat Pets, we are not the manufacturer. The deal you see on TV is the only way to get the strap, it is a special deal and they do charge extra for the strap. We are not authorized to offer that deal and the retail version of Seat Pets that was released for all retailers does not come with the strap. Our website does not include the strap in the listing description. In order to get the strap you have to order from the official Seat Pets website or by calling the phone number you see on TV. Please let us know if you have any further questions, we are happy to answer!

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