iPhone Wallet Case


Do you have an iPhone?  Seems like everyone does these days.  But don’t you feel a little weighed down with having to have a case for your iPhone and a wallet for your credit cards and cash?  Especially when your going out for a night on the town…just too much stuff to carry.  Well, our new iPhone Wallet Cases have finally arrived and they are awesome!  We told you about these a few weeks ago but for those of you who have not gotten a chance to read that post, here’s the low down on these handy iPhone Wallets

Slim, sleek, and stylish, these iPhone Wallets are made from Vegan Leather for iPhone 4 and 4s.  On one side is a case for your iPhone, to protect it from scratches, cracks, smudges, etc.  On the other side are 3 slots to hold your credit cards, or for cash, business cards, gift cards, and more.

We here at As Seen on TV Web Store love these iPhone Wallets because they’re light weight and hold just what you need when running around town for errands or a night out.  No more feeling weighed down with a wallet and iPhone case, these will streamline your look and make your life just a little easier!

These are available in 12 colors exclusively at As Seen on TV Web Store.  Click here to view iPhone Wallet Case

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