iLid- The World’s Thinnest iPhone Wallet Case

iLid iPhone 4 wallet

iLid iPhone Wallet Case

iLid iPhone Wallet is the THINNEST iPhone Wallet ever!  It might be tiny but it sure does hold a lot…your iPhone 4 or 4s, credit cards, cash, and even your keys!  You will not need to take anything else with you except your iLid!

If it’s not obvious, I love this iPhone Wallet.  What makes this iPhone wallet different than others is you can still access all your iPhone’s functions even with it in the wallet.  And, this one features a built in money clip to keep all your goods where they should be…in your wallet.  Slim, light weight, and stylish, iLid is the way to go in these “on the go” times!

Click the link iLid to get yours today!

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