Yoshi Blue 8pc Set

yoshi blue

Happy New Year everyone!  We here at As Seen on TV Web Store hope you had a happy and healthy holiday season and are off to a great start in 2013.  We have a great product to tell you about…Yoshi Blue.  You may have seen the commercial on TV and perhaps even one of the pans in the stores but we have the complete 8pc set…exclusive to As Seen on TV Web Store!  For those who are not familiar with Yoshi Blue, here’s what it is…Yoshi Blue are non-stick pans made from pulverized diamonds and ceramic to create a non-stick pan that is completely safe and healthy for you to use!  No more worry about coatings chipping off in to your food and no more need for oils or fats to cook with.  Yoshi Blue will help you keep that New Year’s resolution!

Click here to learn more about Yoshi Blue 8pc Set


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