Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

I challenge anyone who would claim they don’t like the Rockettes in Radio City Christmas Spectacular!  The fun music and choreography, the precision, Santa Claus, pretty ladies, and the legs..oh yes, I wish I had those legs!

I absolutely love New York at Christmas time and what better way to celebrate the holidays in New York than with the Rockettes?  It has become a holiday tradition in our household, to watch the Rockettes perform live at Rockefeller Center every year to kick off the holiday season.  Time Life Music has put together the DVD- Radio City Christmas Spectacular The Rockettes -so you can enjoy the show anytime you want.  My favorite part is when the Rockettes are dressed up in Santa’s costumes.  Starts out with just a few and then keeps growing and growing…like 50 Santa’s eventually all dancing together, very spectacular.  A great collector’s item for Radio City, Rockettes, and Rockefeller enthusiasts.  Wonderful entertainment for the entire family…kid’s love it, parent’s feel nostalgic as they remember watching the Rockettes when they were kids, and grandpa…well you know grandpa loves it 😉
Click here to find the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on DVD by Time Life Music

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