Stuffies! More Than Just Stuffed Animals


Stuffies are so super adorable I even want one!  No, but really, they are so cute and they are the next big thing for kids in the As Seen on TV world.  We here at As Seen on TV Web Store have not gotten them in, yet, but they are on the way.  What exactly is a Stuffie?  It’s a stuffed animal that’s super plush and soft, nice big size (larger than a cat), and has 7 secret pockets for your kids to stash their toys!  These are perfect for sleepovers, travel, and more.  Because they’re so soft and comfy they make great pillows, too.  My favorite part of Stuffies is the storybook that each character comes with and the life lesson that goes along.  Each Stuffie is geared towards a different “lesson”, whether it’s being helpful, getting things done, cheering people up, not being afraid, you know the things we are all trying to teach our children, and with 11 to choose from there’s sure to be one that is perfect for your child.

There is Bravo the Bear, Bizzy the Bee, Dash the Horse, Digger the Dog, Gracie the Hippo, Muddzie the Pig, Prancine the Unicorn, Scout the Monkey, Shuffles the Turtle, Sky the Giraffe, and Stomper the Dinosaur.
Click here to view all the Stuffies characters

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