Dream Lites Pillow Pets are the Biggest Sensation!

Dream Lites by Pillow Pets continue to hit the top of one of our best selling As Seen on TV items EVER! Definitely the biggest of the year and will be HUGE for the holidays. I know stores are going to run out (as they did with Pillow Pets) so go ahead and get one for your little one now while we have Dream Lites in stock. You know they want a Dream Lite, it’s at the top of their list, and you don’t want to be that parent running from store to store trying to find the Unicorn, Puppy, Penguin, Butterfly, or the other Dream Lites characters the last week before Christmas.

And don’t forget, we here at As Seen on TV Web Store also have the original plush nightlights, Twilight Turtles and Ladybugs.

Click for Dream Lites and for Twilight Plush Nightlights

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