Chill Cooling Towels 15% Off When You Buy 5 or More!

Summer is almost over but it’s still hot outside! Chill Cooling Towels can help cool you off. Not only are they great for any outdoor events…sporting events (football season is right around the corner), going for hikes, jogging outside, gardening, etc…they are great to take with you to workout at the gym, hot flashes, airplanes, and more. Each one comes in a small and compact pouch for easy transport, and the pouch is resealable so you can use your cooling towel again and again. We here at As Seen on TV Web Store use ours all the time!

Right now you’ll get 15% off when you buy 5 or more Chill Cooling Towels.

Click here to get your Chill Cooling Towels today!

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