Mr. Lid – So Clever!


Now this is quite a clever invention from As Seen on TV…the now patented Mr. Lid!  Mr. Lid is a container that has the lid attached.  I know, I told you it was clever.  Now, you’ll never lose your lid again!  You’ll never have to go searching for the lid to match the container, saving you precious time and patience.  You know what I mean…6 am and trying to get the kids fed, dressed, and make their lunch in 30 minutes, and it never fails that you suddenly can’t find the lid to the container you just put their lunch in.  Mr. Lid to the rescue!  And what’s really cool is how organized your cabinets will be with Mr. Lid.  No more bottoms and lids thrown all over, Mr. Lid stacks neatly inside each other keeping you more organized!

Mr. Lid is perfect not only for food but for arts and craft supplies, office supplies, tools, and more.

Click here to find out more about Mr. Lid

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