Cooling Towels -Stay Cool This Summer!

“Stay Cool This Summer” is what your friends wrote in your yearbook but now you really will be staying “cool” with Chill Towels and Chillz Towels. Both accomplish basically the same things, which is to help keep you cool while outside in the heat. So whether you are a runner, at a ball game, or gardening, each of these Cooling Towels will help keep you cool. Once activated, they each are 20-30 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature and stay that cool for up to 4 hours each use.

Chill Towels are reusable for up to 8 days or 32 uses, sizes range from 10″ x 10″ to the largest size of 12″ x 27″, are made with natural ingredients such as Menthol (a natural cooling agent), and are anti-septic. Chillz Towels come in one large size and are washable and reusable for as long as it lasts for you. We here at As Seen on TV Web Store see benefits for both. We like the smaller sized Chill Towels because they are extremely convenient and portable…great to take with you on airplanes, to sporting events, or anywhere that you are trying to travel light or be discreet (great for hot flashes). While the larger sized Chill Towels and Chillz Towels are great for wrapping around your neck to keep you cool while exercising or gardening. And of course we love the fact that the Chillz Towels are washable and can be used over and over again for how ever long you want.

Bottom line, you will be able to stay more comfortable while enjoying your favorite activities outside this summer.

Click here for more information on Chill and Chillz Cooling Towels

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