Cuddleuppets…Uh, What?

Say what? What is a Cuddleuppet? Well…it’s a Blanket combined with a Puppet…a Cuddleuppet! As Seen on TV is so clever, and Cuddleuppets are really a lot of fun! What child doesn’t love a puppet? Children love to use their imagination and puppets are the perfect outlet for that. Your child can have fun all day playing with their puppet and then at night they have a warm cozy blanket to snuggle with. Perfect!

Cuddleuppets are great to travel with! Those dreaded (and LONG) car rides to grandma and grandpa’s house or to your vacation spot will now be much easier with Cuddleuppets. Cuddleuppets will provide entertainment for your child, or children, during long trips. The soft head of the Cuddleuppet can be used as a pillow when sleepy, and of course the blanket provides warmth. Cuddleuppets are also great on airplanes or for sleepovers.

Available in 6 characters- Green Alligator, Brown Bear, Purple Monkey, Pink Poodle, Yellow Puppy, and Blue Elephant.

Click here for more information on Cuddleuppets

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