Twilight Plush Night Lights

These are just about the sweetest things I’ve seen in a while…a plush turtle or ladybug whose shell lights up and projects a magical starry night sky on the ceiling and walls of any room, Twilight Turtles and Ladybugs will comfort any child.

Twilight Plush Night Lights project actual constellations so they are fun and educational. How nice would it be to lay down with your child at bedtime and look at the stars in their room together, pick out the constellations, and share a little quality time together? I think the Twilight Night Lites are the perfect addition to any bedtime routine. In fact we’ve started doing it at our house. My son is 2 years old and is starting to be “scared” at night. We’ve had so much trouble getting him to fall asleep on his own. We tried all the tricks that worked with our now 5 year old daughter…created a good bedtime routine with some milk, a bath, stories, songs, but it wasn’t working for him. Luckily, we got the Twilight Turtle 2 weeks ago for him and it’s worked like a charm. He loves to gaze up at the stars and the soft light is just enough to comfort him and soon he is off to sleep. The Turtle has a built in auto shut-off so the light will go off after 45 minutes. He loves his Turtle so much that now, of course, his sister wants one. Guess we will be getting a Pink Ladybug soon!

Click here for more information on Twilight Plush Night Lights

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