Shark Pack Waterproof Protective Packs

shark pack waterproof protective pack
Finally! I can finally take my iPod to the beach or pool and not have to worry that it will get ruined by water or sand! I love the new Shark Pack Waterproof Protective Packs. These waterproof cases are the perfect size for Smart Phones and other devices. Shark Pack will change the way you go to the beach this summer, that’s for sure!

Not only are the Sharks Packs, As Seen on TV, waterproof but they also float and are submersible (for up to 45 minutes) so even if you get dunked in the pool or by a wave, your valuables will still be safe. I’ve even been using mine while I jog so my iPod doesn’t get all sweaty (gross).

Another great feature is you can actually use your phone through the Shark Pack, you don’t have to take it out to talk or send text messages. The material is soft enough to make phones and use the keyboard, and you can hear perfectly!

For more information on Shark Packs Click Here

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