Press Dough Mega Cookie Kit…Bake & Decorate!

Press Dough Mega Cookie Kit has every thing you need to bake and decorate edible works of art! The Mega Kit is a 70 piece set that has it all and everything is dishwasher safe and reusable so you don’t have to worry about refill kits.

My kids have had so much fun making all kinds of cookies in shapes, animals, patterns and more. Press Dough is so simple to use and you can use store bought or homemade cookie dough. We’ve used Press Dough Cookie Kit at my daughter’s birthday party and when ever we have a sleep over…the kids absolutely love Press Dough!

Kids love to bake anyway and with Press Dough they can do it all themselves and make so many fun designs. Press Dough has been such a big hit with my kids that it’s been my go to gift for their friends’ birthdays!

Click here for more information on Press Dough Super Mega Kit

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