Conmy Contol Dog Harness…Finally, a Humane Dog Collar!

comfy control dog harness
One of my best friends has a new dog…a little Jack Russel Terrier who is quite feisty and loves to run. She’s been trying to train him to walk on a lease, yield to her, and not take off all the time. Needless to say, it’s been a struggle. The worst part is, every time she pulls on his lease his collar practically chokes him and you can tell by his yelp that it hurts. Poor little guy. So when we here at As Seen on TV Web Store found Comfy Control, I knew exactly who I would give one to to try it out. And guess what? My friend and her dog absolutely LOVE it! No more yelping every time she pulls on his lease, and I really believe since he’s not enduring pain while she is training him, he is able to respond to her commands more consistently. They now have a great “walking” relationship and both enjoy their afternoon strolls.

Comfy Control As Seen on TV is a mesh dog harness, with adjustable nylon straps and it comes with a leash. Traditional dog collars can cause strain on the neck, inducing coughing and choking, and may cause injury. With Comfy Control’s breathable mesh harness, your dog will have comfortable support and you will have control of your dog.

Click here for more information on Comfy Control Dog Harness

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