Packit -The Freezable Lunch Bag

I don’t know how I lived before Packit! Seriously, I take mine to work with me everyday, so does my husband, and both our kids take theirs to school. We also use our Packit to pack cold items to go on hikes, to the beach, or just on long drives in the car. What is a Packit? Packit is a freezable lunch bag. The entire Packit is freezable! Packit has freezable gel on all sides, folds down to fit easily in your freezer, and when you’re ready just take it out, pack it, and go! It really is that simple. And Packit keeps items cold for up to 10 hours. I can pack yogurt, cut fruit and veggies, deli meats, and more, and not worry that they will spoil before they’re eaten. Another great feature of Packit is since you don’t have to use any ice packs, there’s more room for food and drinks AND there’s no soggy mess in the bottom of the Packit like when you use a conventional ice pack in a bag method.

I love Packit and everyone here at As Seen on TV Web Store does, too. Click here to read more about Packit and to see all the fun colors they come in.

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