Laser Pegs…Who wouldn’t want to build a light up robot??

Seriously, how cool is this? A stackable construction toy that lights up…Laser Pegs are the first of their kind and are the latest craze for both kids and adults. And why not…who wouldn’t want to build a light up robot?

Each kit comes with 29-36 pieces (depending on the kit) and allows you to create 6-9 different robots (again, depends on the kit), but you aren’t limited to the already designed robots. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You can make what ever you can think of. The more kits you get, the more combinations you can make!

Play with Laser Pegs lit up or turned off. The battery operated pegs run on a low voltage so each one lasts up to 100,000 hours…equal to 11 years! Laser Pegs will last and you won’t be running out to buy new batteries all the time!

Move over Transformers…Laser Pegs are the new Robots for today’s creative minds.

Click here for more information on Laser Pegs

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