Retro Phone Handset…Awww, I’ve been missing my old phone :)

Old and new come together with the Retro Phone Handset

Nice to talk on a “real” phone again. The latest craze in phone handsets- Retro Phone Handset works with iPhones, iPod, Android phones, laptops, and more. The best part is this handset eliminates 99% of radiation that is emitted by cell phones. This is a pretty big deal. It’s been brought to the public’s attention in the past few years that cell phones emit radiation that is absorbed by the tissue it’s closest to…in this case your brain. Studies are not conclusive however, experts strongly advise that you use some kind of headset or handset to talk on your cell phone to reduce the exposure to radiation as much as possible. I absolutely love the Retro Phone Handset. I love the look of it, and it really is nice to hold something substantial again instead of the tiny phones of today.

From matte to metallic there are many colors to choose from!

For more information on Retro Phone Handsets Click Here

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