Pedi Spin Callus Remover

Pedi Spin

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Time to strut your stuff…smooth sexy legs in a pair of sexy, strappy heels, until you realize your feet are in no condition to be seen and would ruin the whole outfit. That was me until I found Pedi Spin, the new As Seen on TV product by Ped Egg. I have a Ped Egg, and it works great, but this new and improved Pedi Spin is even better. Pedi Spin is battery operated and actually spins to smooth out your rough feet. The Stainless Steel Micro Files are powerful enough to take off dry, rough patches, and calluses yet it’s gentle enough to be used on delicate skin. Super easy to use, the Pedi Spin comes with a Filing Plate to smooth out rough surfaces. With 2 speeds, use the low speed for rough skin and the high speed for touch calluses. The Finishing Head will create a satiny finish leaving you with smooth, silky skin. 12 replacement finishing pads are also included.

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5 comments on “Pedi Spin Callus Remover

  1. Where can I get replacement Filing Plates…I did notice that the filing plate it came with said “Med”….is there a stronger one?

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