Lint Lizard Dryer Lint Removing Tool

Did you know one of the biggest fire hazards in your home is deep within your dryer lint catcher? Even though you remove the lint after each load, some lint can not be reached and collects deep down in the vent…and it’s extremely flammable. It’s pretty expensive to hire someone to come clean it out but As Seen on TV has just released a new product called Lint Lizard. It is a long, slender attachment for your vacuum that is specially designed to reach into those lint catchers and vents and get all the lint out. Products like this have been out before but they always made a huge mess. With Lint Lizard, all you do is vacuum up the lint so the mess goes in your vacuum. So simple to use.

Lint Lizard is a cost effective way to protect your home and family.

Click here for more information and where to buy Lint Lizard

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