Sticky Master ReUsable Lint Roller

Tired of leaving your house with lint or pet hair on your clothes?  Having trouble cleaning the dust off your ceiling fan?  Then Sticky Master is just for you!  Sticky Master, at it’s core, is a lint roller….but it is much, much more.  Not only does Sticky Master pick up lint, but also hair, dust, dirt, and even crumbs.  With several sizes to choose from, Sticky Master is versatile and can get to those hard to reach places like your ceiling fan.  The medium size also comes with a foldable travel roller.  The large size has an extendable handle for more reach.

In our household, we have found many uses for Sticky Master.  We use it on the furniture for pet hair (2 lazy cats here) and dust, on the curtains, the ceiling fan, the floor, our clothes, we even keep one in the car to quickly and easily clean up crumbs from our kids in the back seat.  It’s so nice that you can simply wash the roller to remove any debris and it’s ready to use again.  No tape to deal with.  We absolutely love this product.

For more information on Sticky Master click here Sticky Master

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