Guy Fieri Knives

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Guy Fieri is a chef, restaurant owner, and TV personality.  He has now teamed up with Ergo, well known for their high quality craftsmanship, to create kitchen knife sets.  The result is Guy Fieri’s Knuckle Sandwich series and Kulinary series.  Both are made of high quality, high carbon, German Stainless Steel.  They are heat treated to ensure a sharp blade with hollow ground ovals to prevent food from sticking to your blade and to give smooth cuts.  The blunt ends can be used to smash and pulverized garlic.

The difference between the 2 sets is the look and the heat treatment.  The Knuckle Sandwich series knives are forged, which is the top of the line method and means they were heated and pounded into the shape of the knife, then ground and sharpened.  This process is repeated again and again, up to 50 times, and mostly by hand.  The benefits of a forged blade is that the blade is slightly “softer” and therefore much easier to sharpen at home.  It will also have a weightier feel.  The Kulinary series knives are stamped, which are punched out from a thin ribbon of steel, much like dough cut by a cookie cutter. The blades are tempered, sharpened, and finished, with machines handling most of the process.  The Kulinary series will give you a much thinner, lighter knife, that’s extremely sharp, and durable, but may be harder to sharpen at home.

The  Knuckle Sandwich series have flames and Guy’s Knuckle Sandwich logo distressed and permanently etched on the blade.  The red and black handle boasts a flame-waved design with a star to complete Guy’s signature look.

The Kulinary series has a black handle with Guy’s signature star and end cap look.

For more information Guy Fieri’s Knives click here Guy Fieri Knives

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