Mighty Bite looks, smells, sounds, feels, tastes, and actually swims like a wounded bait fish. It works for all predatory fish! Every predatory fish craves an easy meal, and nothing is easier than a wounded bait fish.  Mighty Bite is the future for fishing.  No other fishing lure is as effective.  The only PROVEN 5-Sense Fishing Lure.

For more information on Mighty Bite

Mighty Bite 5-Sense Fishing Lure

2 comments on “Mighty Bite 5-Sense Fishing Lure

  1. I’m not sure if this is the only “5-sense” lure as they claim, but it certainly is a great lure (at least for what I use it for, which is just some local fresh-water lake fishing…mostly pike and crappie). You used to only be able to get it on the main tv-ad site but it’s around now.

  2. We love your review and was wondering if you could drop us a comment on your experiences with Mighty Bite to share with our readers.

    I am sure many our readers will find your review very interesting.

    We are looking for more people like you to join our community to better inform people on the pros and cons on the Mighty Bite Fishing Lures.

    You can write a comment/review here for the: Mighty Bite

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