Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

Only EAGLE EYES offer you proven, polarized TriLenium Gold Lens Technology that originated at NASA and is the ONLY lens technology approved by the Space Foundation!

Eagle Eyes are by far the best pair of sunglasses I have ever had.  They keep your surroundings nice and bright but your not squinting at all.  Even in the brightest Florida sun, my eyes still feel relaxed.

With a lens developed by NASA, you get unparalleled UVA & B protection. They also block harmful rays but allow beneficial, vision enhancing rays in for ultimate clarity.  It’s no wonder why Eagle Eyes have become a favorite among Pilots, Law Enforcement, Fishermen, Golfers, and anyone who spends time outdoors.

All Eagle Eyes are polarized and come in many fashionable styles for men and women.

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2 comments on “Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

  1. I purchased a pair of eagle eyes clip-on sunglasses several weeks ago and the clip-on mechanism has broken. I frequently have removed the clip-ons from my prescription glasses, but this seems to have caused the problem. What do you suggest? I also have a pair of regular eagle eyes glasses to wear on top of my prescription glasses, but they are heavier and seem to cause tearing. Do you have other suggestions?

    • Hello there, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your clip-ons. I would suggest contacting Eagle Eyes directly to deal with the issue of the clip-on mechanism breaking. Their customer service number is (800) 675-8424. They are generally very helpful and always take care of our customers. As far as the Fit Ons, the sunglasses that go over you prescription glasses, Eagle Eyes released a new, smaller size called Fit On Sleek. They look the same as the original Fit Ons but are a little smaller. Perhaps these would be a more comfortable fit than the larger size. Here is a link http://www.asseenontvwebstore.com/Eagle-Eyes-Sunglasses-Fit-Ons-p/eagle_eyes_fitons.htm

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