Instagone Pro Stain Remover and Cleaner

instagone pro stain remover as seen on tv

Instagone Pro Stain Remover

Instagone Pro, as seen on TV, cleans and removes stains from almost any surface in just seconds. Works on stucco, concrete, grout, tile, and even patio furniture. All that mildew and mold that is usually such a chore to remove comes off easily with Instagone Pro.

This amazing formula does all the work for you. No scrubbing required. Simply spray Instagone Pro on the surface you need to clean and it penetrates deep into the tiniest of crevices to get to all the dirt, mold, and mildew. Wipe it clean and you’re done!


Spicy Shelf – Shelf Organizer

spicy shelf spice organizer

Spicy Shelf


I love to cook, it’s actually very calming to me, as long as the kids are playing outside of course. But what isn’t very calming is the mess that my spices are in. I have so many spices that I probably haven’t used for years just because I never see them- they’re hidden by all the clutter. That’s why I love the new Spicy Shelf from As Seen on TV. Spicy Shelf is a stackable organizer that is perfect for organizing all my spices and making them easily visible and accessible.

The Spicy Shelf comes with 2 shelves that can be stacked or situated side by side, depending on the size and shape of your cabinet. This organizer also has adjustable legs so you can use it for different sized bottles.

Not only are my spice cabinets now organized but also my medicine cabinets and I’ve found Spicy Shelf great for my craft bottles.

Find Spicy Shelf here!

Motown 25 Yesterday, Today, Forever DVD

Motown 25 DVD Time Life

Motown 25 DVD

For those of us who were around during the 80s remember Motown 25 and many who weren’t have heard of it, for one main reason- Michael Jackson and the Moonwalk.

Motown 25 was a history making concert that aired on live TV on NBC in 1983. It was filmed in front of a live studio audience in California to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Motown and its creator Berry Gordy Jr. It was an amazing set of performers and performances by some the greatest Motown artist like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Supremes, and more.

The entire concert was a huge hit but what got the most talk the next day was Michael Jackson’s performance of Billie Jean. It was on Motown 25 that the world witness the Moonwalk for the first time. The Moonwalk is said to have “changed the world” and to this day is one of the most memorable moments in pop music history.

Now for the first the Motown 25 concert is available on DVD. Own a piece of American Music history with one of the greatest compilations of Motown artists performing live. Never again has there been anything like it.

Time Life Music and Star Vista Entertainment present Motown 25 Yesterday, Today, Forever DVD Sets.

Phantom Saucer Is Here!

Phantom Saucer Flying Saucer As Seen on TV

Phantom Saucer


The Phantom Saucer, as seen on TV, has finally arrived! Kids everywhere have been asking for this cool magically flying saucer and now they can finally get it.

Phantom Saucer comes with the flying saucer and an invisible string that you attach to your ear- that way your hands are free to perform the magic tricks!

Kids love to perform magic tricks and studies show that it is actually beneficial for them to do so. It gives them a confidence boost, teaches them public speaking skills, as well helping them with their motor skills. Plus, what child does not love it when their audience ooos and awes over everything they do?

The Phantom Saucer will make the perfect holiday gift to have under your tree this year. Get one now before the rush!



The Olaf Pillow Pet – Now Available!

olaf pillow pet disney frozen

Olaf Pillow Pet


Olaf Pillow Pet has finally arrived!  That’s right- the most loveable snow man is now a Pillow Pet. Olaf, from the hit movie Frozen, is now among many Disney characters to have become a Pillow Pet and he’s surely to be one of the most popular. Pillow Pets have become one of the most popular and longest lived As Seen on TV products.

Check back at to get your Olaf Pillow Pet while supplies last. The 18″ Olaf Pillow Pet is sure to be a big hit this holiday season-beat the rush and get yours now!

Hover Ball Indoor Soccer Ball

Hover Ball Indoor Soccer Ball

Hover Ball

Hover Ball, by Wham-O and As Seen on TV, is a soccer ball that can be played indoors. The flat surface of the Hover Ball allows it to glide across any floor surface and appear to “magically hover”. It is really just gliding but that’s OK, it’s still fun!

The soft material of the Hover Ball make it safe and will not damage your home. This indoor soccer ball will not scratch up the surfaces of any floor, furniture, or walls.

The Hover Ball is great for rainy days when the kids can’t go outside but need to get some activity and exercise. Get everyone involved for some fun family game nights!

Hover Ball comes in Blue, Green, and Pink. Measures about 6″ in diameter.



Bright Eyes Blanket – New From the Makers of Snuggies

bright eyes blanket

Bright Eyes Blanket

Bright Eyes Blanket is the all new blanket for kids from the makers of Snuggies. Anybody remember Snuggies? How could you forget the blanket with sleeves that swept the nation a few years ago? Well, they’re back with these adorable new blankets for kids.

Bright Eyes Blankets, As Seen on TV, are made of the same super soft fleece as the Snuggie but instead of sleeves they just have pockets for kids to slip their hands into and keep them warm. These blankets get a bit more personality with a fun character hood with eyes that glow in the dark!

Kids love to cuddle up and be cozy. Bright Eyes Blanket is perfect for doing just that- on the couch, camping, at bed time, or at a slumber party. They can even wear their Bright Eyes Blanket as a robe!

Bright Eyes Blankets come in 4 different fun styles- Puppy, Kitten, Panda, and Duck.

Phantom Saucer Magically Flying Saucer

Phantom Saucer Flying Saucer As Seen on TV

Phantom Saucer


Remember those worms on an invisible string that magically look like their moving on their own? Squirmles and Tricky Worm were a couple of their names. Those who grew up the 70’s probably remember them. These retro worms have made a come back in recent years and now you can even get a flying saucer that’s based on the same idea.

The Phantom Saucer, as seen on TV, is very similar to those magic worms that move on their own, expect for it’s a magically flying saucer. Phantom Saucer comes with the flying saucer and an invisible string that you attach to your ear- that way your hands are free to perform the magic tricks.

Most kids love magic tricks, especially performing them themselves. Phantom Saucer is a great addition to any little magician’s bag of tricks. Does the Phantom Saucer work? Yes it does. It takes some time to figure it out but with practice they will get the hang of it and will be dazzling their own audiences. This flying saucer might not be right for very young children, although they will love watching their older siblings work some magic.

Adults can join the fun, too- magic isn’t just for kids! You can be the entertainment for birthday parties and other events. Now you don’t have to hire that clown!


Janimals – Wearable Stuffed Animals Are Here!

janimals stuffed animals pajamas



JAnimals! are wearable stuffed animals and we have been getting tons of requests for them. We are happy to say they have finally arrived!

My own kids have been begging me for JAnimals, as seen on TV, and I was very excited to get them each a pair. My daughter got the Zebra, my son the Dog. They have been wearing them constantly.

I must say, the quality is really good on these, I think Janimals will last my super active kids (cause you know they aren’t just going to sleep in them).

Now the commercial says Janimals are great for kids and adults but I don’t think there will be adults in my household wearing them. Could make a good Halloween costume though ;)  The kids however, absolutely love them.

Find the perfect style for your child here JAnimals Wearable Stuffed Animals

Catch Caddy – Car Organizer

catch caddy car organizer

Catch Caddy

Ever drop stuff between your front seat and the console? Next thing you know you’re digging in there but cannot get your stuff out! Not only is this extremely frustrating, and kinda gross (never know what is in there), but dangerous, too. Trying to drive while digging around to get your phone, coins, or whatever you dropped is quite distracting. Not a good combination! Catch Caddy, as seen on TV, is the solution!

Catch Caddy, conveniently fits in between your front seats and the center console so it captures those dropped items like jewelry, loose change, food, etc, and you don’t lose them in the cracks. Not only does Catch Caddy catch your dropped stuff but is a great car organizer to hold cell phones, maps, sunglasses, change, jewelry, and more.