Grab Bag Reusable Shopping Bags As Seen on TV

Grab Bags As Seen on TV

Grab Bag Reusable Shopping Bags

The shopping experience is changing these days in a lot of ways, including the bags we use to carry out our new purchases. Disposable plastic and paper bags are a danger to our environment and are simply wasteful. Most people are now using reusable shopping bags, which is great for the environment. Now there’s Grab Bag, As Seen on TV, Reusable Shopping Bags that are environmentally friendly and make life easier for you!

Grab Bags are sturdy and stable bags with clips to clip onto your shopping cart, making it easy to fill them up with your groceries or other goods. At checkout you unload and reload right from your Grab Bags. Un-clip and load right from your shopping cart into your car. So easy!!

What’s also great is since Grab Bags are so sturdy they won’t fall over in your car and spill the contents all over.

Grab Bags make shopping and transporting your goods so easy and they’re better for the environment than disposable bags.

Find Grab Bags As Seen on TV

Invention Idea Submission

ivention idea submit

Submit Your Invention Idea

Ever see a product and think “why didn’t I think of that?”. Simple ideas that are making some folks millions. Do you have the next big idea that could make you millions? Submit your invention idea today and find out!

Having a great product idea is one thing but how do you get it made and out on the market? Lightning Launch is a team of professional Product Managers who work to develop, license, and distribute new products for inventors. They have the knowledge, experience and relationships to get your product out on the market and making you money!

Lightning Launch guides you through the entire process. Submit your idea to Lightning Launch for free. If they think your idea has what it takes they will contact you and move forward with the process. There is a one time fee at this point to cover the cost of helping you design your product & retail packaging, and getting your product in front of licensing companies. Once your product is out on the market they work with licensees to ensure long-term success.

You have nothing to lose- the initial submission is absolutely free! Who knows…your invention idea could be the next big thing!

Invention Idea Submission

Hot Stamps Glitter Designs For Hair

hot stamps glitter designs for hair

Hot Stamps For Hair

Hot Stamps are the latest hair design tool from As Seen on TV. These glitter filled stamps give your hair a little glitz, glam, and glimmer.

Add some flare to your hair with Hot Stamps. You get fun designs like hearts, stars, peace signs, and flowers. Perfect for your next party or big celebration.

Very similar to a temporary tattoo for your hair, Hot Stamps are easy to apply- simply stamp on your hair. When you’re done with your Hot Stamps just brush your hair and the stamps come right out.

Kids, tweens, and teens will love Hot Stamps!

WinCleaner PC Computer Cleaner

wincleaner pc cleaner


Your know when your computer needs to be cleared out of useless files that are cluttering it and making it run super slow. It takes forever for your PC to start up and for anything to load. What a waste of time and so frustrating. Clearing your PC on your own can take a while (who has that kind of time?) and paying a professional to do it for you costs a lot of money. That’s why we are loving the new WinCleaner.

WinCleaner, as seen on TV, is a USB drive that with just one click instantly begins to remove all those useless files and junk to get your computer up and running again.

Restore, optimize, and protect your PC with WinCleaner. Each Win Cleaner USB Drive is good for unlimited use for one year.

Get your computer running like new again- get your WinCleaner!

Ped Egg Power Personal Pedicure Tool

ped egg power personal pedi tool

Ped Egg Power

Dry, dead skin, and callouses on your feet is a part of life, happens to everyone. But that doesn’t mean you like it, or have to endure it. Going to get a pedicure at the spa is fabulous but the cost? Not so much. So what if you could get the look and feel of a professional pedicure right at home? Now you can! With Ped Egg Power.

Ped Egg Power, from the makers of the original Ped Egg, is a motor powered personal pedi tool that makes getting smooth, soft feet super easy. No more manually scrubbing those callouses off, PedEgg Power does all the work for you with its motorized spinning action.

In just seconds Ped Egg Power, as seen on TV, gently and painlessly removes callouses and rough, dry, dead skin. You’re left with smooth, soft, beautiful feet. You will be proud to show them off in a pair of sexy, strappy heels!

Give yourself a personal pedi today with Ped Egg Power!

Invinceable All In One Cleaner

Invinceable all in one cleaner

InVinceable All In One Cleaner

Anybody remember the Shamwow guy? How about the Slap Chop pitch- “you’re gonna love my nuts”? His name is Vince, he was one of the most popular As Seen on TV pitchmen ever, and he sold a ton of these products. The products were great, he was hilarious and made people want them.

Let’s be honest, Vince was really funny but some of his jokes went a little far and some folks were a little offended. So, we haven’t seen much of Vince for a few years. I must say, I’ve missed him.

Well…he’s back. And he has a product that cleverly includes his name so there is no way you can forget the person behind the pitch. InVinceable is an All In One Cleaner that can be used for pretty much anything- kitchen, bathroom, tile, fabric, carpet, stain remover, and more. In comes in an angled bottled that makes sure you get every last drop so there’s no wasted cleaner.

We see a more subdued Vince in this pitch for InVinceable with lines like- “I’m cleaning up my act”, but we still see a bit of the old Vince with “accidents happen, how do you think the kids got here?”, “If I could only clean up all of my troubles”…he’s still a funny guy.

It’s great to see Vince behind a new product and InVinceable is pretty amazing.

Check out InVinceable Cleaner today!

Dump Dinners Cookbook by Cathy Mitchell

dump dinners cookbook cathy mitchell

Dump Dinners Cookbook

If you’re like me you find it very difficult to get dinner made and on the table fast enough to feed your hungry family. During the week nights I’m rushing from work to pick up the kids, take them to soccer practice, ballet, etc. I never seem to be able to make dinner and sit down as a family together. Take out happens a lot, which gets expensive for a family of 4. That’s why I’m so excited about Dump Dinners Cookbook by Cathy Mitchell.

Dump Dinners is a collection of over 250 recipes that kitchen guru Cathy Mitchell, as seen on TV, has put together that are super fast and easy to follow. These recipes literally just require you to “dump and cook”.

Cathy Mitchell shows you how to incorporate fresh ingredients with store bought items to make homemade dinners in just minutes.

With so many recipes in Dump Dinners there’s something for everyone- meats, pasta, and veggies.

Dump Dinners Cookbook has allowed me to make dinner for my family and eat it too. I’m no longer stressing about what’s for dinner…Cathy Mitchell guides me the entire way and it couldn’t be simpler or more delicious!

Make delicious dinners fast with Dump Dinners Cookbook.

Best Selfie Stick

seflie stick extendable monopod for smartphones

Selfie Stick

Everyone is obsessed with taking selfies! Now it’s even easier to take the best selfies of you and your friends with this Selfie Stick. No need to ask a stranger to take your picture when you have a selfie stick!

This Selfie Stick is by far the best we’ve found on the market today. It is a wired selfie monopod stick that connects directly to your smartphone to the audio jack. Open your camera and your ready to click away.

No need for Bluetooth with this selfie stick. Simply use the built in remote button on the stick. It couldn’t be simpler.

For some, the Selfie Stick takes away from the funny pictures you get when not using the selfie stick- they think it makes it too easy. Selfie Stick Backlash may happen but we believe those folks are just jealous that they don’t have their own selfie stick. Show your Selfie Stick Pride!

Get your Selfie Stick now!

Selfie Stick Monopod – Get The Best Selfies!

seflie stick extendable monopod for smartphones

Selfie Stick

Everyone loves taking selfies- you seen them posted all over Facebook and Instagram, even nominees at the 2013 Oscar Awards joined in the fun with Ellen DeGeneres. Selfies are a great way to capture a special moment with close friends, family, or just on your own without having to stop and ask a stranger to take a photo.

The problem is you can never seem to fit everyone in the picture if you’re taking a group selfie. If you’re taking one of just yourself you just can’t get the right angle. If only your arm was a little longer.  Bummer that you can’t change the length of your arm to get the best selfie possible.

Well, that was a problem, but not anymore…introducing the Selfie Stick!

The Selfie Stick is an extendable monopod to hold a smartphone or digital camera. The stick extends to a little over 3ft so you can everyone in the picture! Selfie Stick also allows you to get cool angles up high or down low that you never could before with just your human arm.

Selfie Stick makes taking selfies more fun than ever before!

We have searched for the best possible Selfie Stick and we think we have found it. This one is wired with a 3.5mm connect to plug right into your smartphone. Other models require you to connect to Bluetooth and have separate remotes- too complicated and isn’t compatible with a lot of phones. The Selfie Stick Z07-5 Plus works with android and iOS and is an all-in-one design to keep things nice and simple- plus, you don’t have to connect to Bluetooth…just plug in and you’re ready to go! Comes in a variety of colors.

Find Selfie Stick here.

Magic Bristle Gloves

magic bristle gloves cleaning

Magic Bristle Gloves

Magic Bristle Gloves, as seen on TV, are cleaning gloves with a twist! These are not just ordinary cleaning gloves- Magic Bristle Gloves actually allow you to clean at your finger tips! Magic Bristle Gloves have bristles right on the tips of the gloves so you can use your fingers to get in those hard to reach places- you know the tight spots that a bristle brush just can’t get into but your fingers can.

With Magic Bristle Gloves you can get in those tiny crevices you couldn’t before- around every spot of your sinks faucets, drains, the creases of shower doors, tile grout, under the fridge and stove.

When Magic Bristle Gloves have been used and are yucky simply throw them in the washing machine to clean them up!

Comes as a pair of gloves. Find them here- Magic Bristle Gloves