Dreamers Play and Sleep Blanket and Pillow Set

dreamers play and sleep blanket and pillow set as seen on tv

Dreamers Play & Sleep Blanket Set

Let kids be the stars of their own dreams with Dreamers Sleep & Play Character Blankets! This is the perfect blanket set for playing, pretending, snuggling and sleeping. It comes with a warm and cozy blanket featuring the body of the character plus a coordinating pillow to complete the enchanting look.

Make overnight stays even more special with a blanket set tailored to each child’s particular fancy. Kids can play “Dreamers” with friends, cousins, or siblings during the day, then have a themed slumber party at night. Dreamers Blankets are a dream come true!

Kids love to imagine themselves as princesses and firefighters. Now the imaginative play can continue as part of a frustration-free bedtime routine. Kids will be eager to snuggle up with their character bedding.

Dreamers Blanket Set, as seen on TV, assures to have something special for every little girl and boy! Your kids are assured to have fun for years and years!!

Dreamers make GREAT gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion!! With different designs it allows your child’s imagination to run wild and come to life.

With hours of fun, they will be sure to doze right off and be the star of their dreams!

Hamper Hoops Laundry Basketball Basket As Seen on TV

hamper hoops launder basketball basket as seen on tv wham o

Hamper Hoops

HAMPER HOOPS As Seen on TV by Wham-O!

Does your child tend to leave his or her used clothing around your house instead of putting these pieces of clothing into the hamper? Hamper Hoops just might be able to help solve this clutter issue of yours.

  • Simple to use
  • Hours of fun
  • Fits on any door
  • Durable High Quality construction
  • Removable laundry bag

The idea of children keeping their dirty clothes off the floor via a fun activity such as Hamper Hoops seems to be a no-brainer to some parents. And, while Hamper Hoops does offer a sound solution to this problem, it is not the first product to make the laundry-basketball connection. Hamper backboards have been marketed for years to bored college students or kids.

 Probably the biggest concern by consumers is if Hamper Hoops is durable enough to hold a basket full of clothes. Our product researchers feel that Hamper Hoops should be durable enough to hold up a full bag of dirty clothes. It is not, however, ideal for slam dunking, which could damage the product.

This basketball hoop and hamper attaches to any door. It provides kids a fun way to keep their dirty clothes off of the floor. We feel the product works generally as advertised and will be enjoyed by consumers who purchase it.

Miracle Peeler Vegetable Peeler As Seen on TV

miracle vegetable peeler as seen on tv

Miracle Peeler

Miracle Peeler is a new kitchen accessory from As Seen on TV that promises to peel on one side and Julienne on the other, saving time and producing less waste than doing it the old-fashioned way. One of the highlighted benefits of Miracle Peeler is that you can peel in both directions, meaning that you can theoretically peel twice as fast as if you only peeled in one direction. The other primary feature is that you can turn the peeler over to create different cuts.

  • Two peelers in one: Regular and Julienne
  • Works in both directions to save time
  • German-quality stainless steel blades
  • Less waste
  • Non-slip rubberized grip for improved safety
  • Can be used on potatoes, apples, eggplant, carrots, zucchini, butternut squash, and more

Customer Reviews

“This is the best peeler I have ever used. It is sharp and does what it is meant to do…peel vegetables easily and quickly. You spend less time because it is wider than the usual peelers seen at local stores and is a good fit to your hand.”

“Love the peeler…………it works fantastically, even my 6yr old can easily peel veggies now. I do however wish that the product was a  2pack of peelers, not a slicer and peeler. The slicer leaves A LOT to be desired……it’s hard to get to work and everything sticks in the blade……I only used 3 times and tossed it out. I will be ordering another peeler though. Just be very careful to read the description to see exactly what your getting.”
The Miracle Peeler includes stainless steel that can cut tomatoes so thin you can see through them. While it can be gentle enough to do that, it can also be tough enough to peel or julienne your carrots or harder root veggies. Since back and forth motions are possible, you are able to peel faster and more efficiently. Use one side for peeling and the other side to julienne your food.

This product is made of German grade stainless steel which is meant to last a lifetime. Since it is so long lasting and durable, you will never need another slicer or peeler in your kitchen for your produce.

Shadazzle All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Shadazzle all natural multi purpose cleaner

Shadazzle All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Shadazzle is a clay-based all natural cleaner and polish in one. There are no harmful chemicals or phosphates, making it safe for you, your family, and the environment.

This all natural multi-purpose cleaner and polish works on just about any surface in your home. Use on ceramic, stainless steel, porcelain, fiberglass, wood, marble, PVC furniture, blinds, copper, brass, and more!

Non-toxic, biodegradable.

Get Shadazzle All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner!

Dreamers Blanket Play & Sleep Set As Seen on TV

dreamers blanket and pillow play sleep set

Dreamers Play & Sleep Set

Dreamers Play & Sleep Set from As Seen on TV allows boys and girls to be the star of their dreams! Does your child dream of being a Fireman, Princess, or Superman? Now they can pretend they are with this fun bedding set.

The Dreamers set comes with 1- 50″ x 60″ soft fleece blanket and 1- pillow. With 6 characters to choose from your child will have so much fun. They can even collect them all-







Find Dreamers Blanket & Pillow Set As Seen on TV for your child and let the fun (and sleep) begin!

Magnetic Phone Mount Holder

magnetic phone mount holder

Magnetic Phone Mount

Do you use a smartphone while driving? For getting directions, staying in touch with family and friends, listening to music? Check out the new Magnetic Phone Mount, perfect for using in your car, home or office.
The cell phone has become one of the most important devices to have with you. The demand to stay in touch with friends and family through social media, not to mention the ability to surf the web and conduct business only ensures that we don’t leave home without it. With this in mind, users will be on the lookout for the best car phone holder they can find, especially if they hope to protect their investment while traveling on the road.

Your cell phone has added benefits, and they include more than just communication, for one thing users can store and play their music through their device. This feature works a lot better if the holder is where you can see it in the event you need to adjust your playlist. Rather than having to dive into the console between the seats to find your device and change the song, with the phone mounted in a holder in front of you, the entire event could be completed in seconds.

Long distance driving can present a variety of problems for members of your family, especially if there are kids in the vehicle. In addition to being able to reposition the holder look for one that can be adjusted without the need for a screwdriver, after all, you never know when you will upgrade to a larger cell phone, or you simply want to put on a movie for the kids to watch so they will no longer distract you.

This Magnetic Phone Mount is all of these things and MORE! It is fashionable, and is perfect for holding your phone in place. Super compact, will not block your view. You can position your phone any way you need or keep it at ideal eye level for reading maps , and makes it easy to listen to your music!

Ped Egg Power – As Seen on TV

ped egg power personal pedi tool

Ped Egg Power

Want smooth and sexy feet but not the high cost of getting a spa pedicure? Now you can smooth your rough skin at home, super easy and quick with Ped Egg Power.

The original Ped Egg was one of the biggest As Seen on TV items of all time. And it works great but it takes a bit of elbow grease to slough off callouses and dead skin. That’s way we are loving the new Ped Egg Power- its battery operated spinning action means it does all the work for you and in less time.

Ped Egg Power is perfect for feet but it works for rough skin on your hands too!

Miracle Bamboo Pillow – As Seen on TV

miracle bamboo pillow as seen on tv

Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Miracle Bamboo Pillow, As Seen on TV, gives you the support and comfort you need for a great night sleep. Unlike most shaping pillows that are made with hard, uncomfortable memory foam, Miracle Bamboo Pillow is made with shredded memory foam that shapes and molds to your unique head, neck and sleeping style but is still soft and comfortable.

The natural bamboo in this pillow makes it hypoallergenic and stays cool through out the night.

Cover may be removed and is machine washable (no fabric softener).

Start getting the rest you need with Miracle Bamboo Pillow.

Grab Bag Reusable Shopping Bags As Seen on TV

Grab Bags As Seen on TV

Grab Bag Reusable Shopping Bags

The shopping experience is changing these days in a lot of ways, including the bags we use to carry out our new purchases. Disposable plastic and paper bags are a danger to our environment and are simply wasteful. Most people are now using reusable shopping bags, which is great for the environment. Now there’s Grab Bag, As Seen on TV, Reusable Shopping Bags that are environmentally friendly and make life easier for you!

Grab Bags are sturdy and stable bags with clips to clip onto your shopping cart, making it easy to fill them up with your groceries or other goods. At checkout you unload and reload right from your Grab Bags. Un-clip and load right from your shopping cart into your car. So easy!!

What’s also great is since Grab Bags are so sturdy they won’t fall over in your car and spill the contents all over.

Grab Bags make shopping and transporting your goods so easy and they’re better for the environment than disposable bags.

Find Grab Bags As Seen on TV

Invention Idea Submission

ivention idea submit

Submit Your Invention Idea

Ever see a product and think “why didn’t I think of that?”. Simple ideas that are making some folks millions. Do you have the next big idea that could make you millions? Submit your invention idea today and find out!

Having a great product idea is one thing but how do you get it made and out on the market? Lightning Launch is a team of professional Product Managers who work to develop, license, and distribute new products for inventors. They have the knowledge, experience and relationships to get your product out on the market and making you money!

Lightning Launch guides you through the entire process. Submit your idea to Lightning Launch for free. If they think your idea has what it takes they will contact you and move forward with the process. There is a one time fee at this point to cover the cost of helping you design your product & retail packaging, and getting your product in front of licensing companies. Once your product is out on the market they work with licensees to ensure long-term success.

You have nothing to lose- the initial submission is absolutely free! Who knows…your invention idea could be the next big thing!

Invention Idea Submission